Meet Our Head Gardeners

We take pride in our work, and our blooming clients know it. Our principles are dedicated to your details to help your business blossom. Ideas In Bloom is 100% Aboriginally owned.

Tonia Lenk, Owner Ideas In Bloom

Tonia Lenk

Owner & Brand Guru

With impeccable attention to detail, your brand is her business. Tonia brings 30 years of hands on experience and a background in Marketing and Visual Communications in print and web design.

Winner of the 2011 Women of Worth Spirit Success & Soul Award for her work with women in business, Tonia infuses her inspiration into every project.

Hand selected for the first ever Women & Words writing conference in Vancouver, BC. and serving on the Executive Leadership Committee, Tonia aided in coordinating a successful conference showcasing women writers and publishers.

As a designer and business strategy expert, Tonia works tirelessly to cultivate winning brands for her clients.

Kaia Falcon, Social Media Guru, Ideas In Bloom

Kaia Falcon

Social Media Guru

As a self-published author of THE LIFE BOOK at the age of 14, Kaia has found herself in the limelight with various podcast and newspaper interviews. Artistic and musical, Kaia has written her own songs, and plays ukelele and guitar.

Kaia operates in the background as a silent partner to our social media clients, improving readership and maximizing social media engagement by staying abreast of the latest social media trends. Targeted social media campaigns and pretty social media branding are her specialties.